Privacy Policy

Last Updated on July 2, 2020 WE, JUST4GAME, LLC (“Just4game”) ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING JUST4GAME WEBSITE ( (the “Website”). The present Privacy Policy is applicable to Just4game and sets forth the terms and policy concerning the collection and usage of personal and user information on the Website. ACCEPTANCE OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY Your access or usage of the Website signifies your acceptance of the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy, as may be revised from time to time. Any submission or provision of personal information on the Website will be governed by this Privacy Policy. USER INFORMATION Users are not required to register to access the Website, but you may be asked to provide JUST4GAME with personal information in order to make a purchase, offer a product for sale, post or publish content, comment, and/or access certain sections of the Website. Personal Information refers to any information that allows for the identification of an individual. Such information may include but is not limited to your name, email address, telephone number, and other personal information. JUST4GAME only collects personal information that you provide voluntarily using the Website. COMMUNICATION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION JUST4GAME will not communicate or disclose any personal information provided on the Website to any third party, except in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, and/or pursuant to applicable laws, regulations or an applicable court order. In the event that your personal information must be communicated to a third party as a result of an enforceable legal provision or court order, JUST4GAME will promptly notify you of our intent to disclose such information to allow you to seek a protective order or any appropriate legal remedy in the circumstances. JUST4GAME is authorized to share your personal information with a third party if you have granted JUST4GAME explicit consent to share your personal information. In this case, we will share your personal information in accordance with your specific instructions or within the parameters of the permission granted to us. We may share your personal information with a third party service provider if your personal information is required for the provision of any services, such as payment processing. We will ensure that any third party that will receives your personal information is bound by confidentiality and privacy provisions as restrictive and as strict as those set forth in this Privacy Policy. FRAUD DETECTION To protect the Website’s users, we run routine fraud detection tests as provided by a competent third party. Such fraud detection helps authenticate users and detect potential threats to the Website. The third party service provider may collect some information about the Website’s users, such as IP addresses or other information used for purposes of fraud detection. USAGE OF DATA You acknowledge and agree that we may use the information you provide on our Website to: Communicate with you regarding a payment, a sale, a purchase, a commission, a product or a transaction; Analyze and assess product trends and interests; Monitor and adapt the Website; Perform research, development and processing of the Website; and Manage and administer customer support requests. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION We have established and implemented certain procedures to safeguard and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of our Website users’ personal information. Our procedures specify that JUST4GAME protects users’ personal information from unauthorized access by any third party. The disclosure of users’ personal information is limited to employees and affiliates who “need to know” such information. STORAGE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION Personal information shared on the Website is stored on the database servers at JUST4GAME data centers (in whatever country they may be located), or hosted by third parties who have entered into agreements with JUST4GAME that require them to comply with this Privacy Policy. PAYMENT SERVICES Any purchases made through or using the Website will be made using an unaffiliated payment service (“Payment Service”). Any information that provided by a user to a Payment Service will be subject to the applicable Payment Service’s privacy policy, rather than this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for any Payment Service’s use of information collected. COOKIES As is the case with many website operators, we may use a technology called "cookies" on the Website. Cookies consist of small data files that are downloaded onto a user’s computer when the user visits a particular website. It is possible to disable these cookies by turning them off a browser, but some areas of the Website may not function properly if cookies are turned off or removed. PIXEL TAGS As is the case with many website operators, we may also use a technology called "pixel tags" on the Website. Pixel tags refer to small graphic images containing a unique identifiers that allow us to track users’ online activity. We may use pixel tags to communicate with Website users, and to send or disable emails and other online communications. USER ACCOUNT INFORMATION Upon accessing, visiting or using the Website, our servers may store information derived from the device used to access, visit or use the Website. The information stored by our servers may pertain to applications, websites, IP addresses, browsers and other similarly identifiable information concerning web browsing. THIRD PARTY WEBSITES This Privacy Policy applies solely to the Website. Any links to third party websites by the Website are provided for convenience and reference purposes. Such third party websites are not governed by this Privacy Policy and JUST4GAME denies all responsibility with respect to any third party website and/or policies. APPLICABLE LAWS JUST4GAME does not represent that the Website complies with laws of jurisdictions outside the Russia. MODIFICATIONS This Privacy Policy may be amended or modified at any time by JUST4GAME. The revised Privacy Policy will be published on the Website. The revised Privacy Policy will be applicable to all users and personal information secured or transmitted on the Website once the revised Privacy Policy is published on the Website.