1) Why choose JUST4GAME? Just4game is a project founded by a team with extensive experience in providing quality services in the gaming industry. We only work with the best players who are ready to fulfill Your order. Just4game combines all the best that customers need-minimum terms, low prices, and excellent quality. 2) What guarantees can you provide? How can I trust you ? Our site is officially registered, pays taxes, And you can read reviews from satisfied customers. We also guarantee complete anonymity. We use Webmoney merchant certificate "LINK to WebMoney" and Paypal business. Automatic acceptance of funds. Customer reviews: https://www.epicnpc.com/members/terry-cole.473059/ Full list of guarantees : https://just4game.net/index.php/pages/view/guarantees 3) Can I choose a specific time to complete the order? In most cases, you can choose the time to complete the order , but certain services require a large number of people to work , so they can only be performed at a certain time. 4) How do I pay for the product and / or service? You make a prepayment of 100% and the entire amount remains with us until Your order is completed. As soon as Your order is completed, the performers will receive money. This is a guarantee of quality and safety for all parties. Before paying, be sure to read the description and conditions for receiving goods or services . If you still have questions, please contact our operator. 5) How do I track my order? You will receive e-mail notifications about changes in the order status. You can always write to our operator and get full information about the execution of Your order. 6) Advantages of registering on the site? A system of cumulative discounts is available for registered users. You will be able to participate in various sweepstakes from JUST4GAME, be aware of all promotions on the site Get the opportunity to monitor the execution of Your order in your personal account. 7) How do I get a discount? The site has a system of cumulative discounts. All purchases made on JUST4GAME are registered in the information database. when you reach the next threshold, your discount will be increased automatically. 1% for total purchases for all time from 100$ 2% for total purchases for all time from 200$ 3% for total purchases for all time from 300$ 4% for total purchases for all time from 400$ 5% when the total amount of purchases for all time from 500$ 8) Choosing a product/service and placing an order.? On the main page of the site, select the game, then the section, then the desired product or service. Carefully read the description of the product or service, select the desired additional services and the number of products (if available). Then click The add to cart button. To place an order, go to the shopping cart at the top of the screen. You can always return to the site to continue selecting products and services. Make sure that the fields you filled in when placing your order are correct and the correct number of products/services in your shopping cart. Select the payment method by clicking on the desired icon and proceed to payment. Various payment systems have their own mandatory data to enter. After making the payment, check your email, there will be an email with the number, order status, and payment notification. 9) do you Use prohibited methods to get the desired result (bugs, bots, cheats, rating overflow, etc.)? We never use: bots or other scripts that automate the gameplay; bugs and vulnerabilities of the game, for which you can get a ban or other sanctions; ill- gotten in- game currency. 10) Do you want something that is not on the site? Please contact our operator or email us at email support@just4game.net 11) Who executes orders? Professional performers, masters of their craft in various eSports disciplines. 12) how do I unblock my account for further order fulfillment? After you send us the data from Your account, our contractor will try to log in to Your account. Immediately after that, you will receive an email to your email address (which is linked to your account) with a notification that you need to change your password. The email will contain an active link that you can click to change your password. After receiving a notification that the password was successfully changed-do not check whether the new password works or not, otherwise You will have to repeat the entire procedure to unlock your account from the beginning. Next, the new password must be passed to us, and we, in turn, give it to the contractor. We would like to draw Your attention to the fact that very often you need to change your password several times to unlock your account.